Lessen the Impact

Catalog Your Property

There are additional things you can do to lessen the impact of a burglary or theft if you become a victim. Some of these steps include:

  • Engrave your drivers license number onto items that are valuable or easily stolen.
  • Record the serial numbers of valuable items.
  • Take and keep photographs of jewelry and other valuables.

These steps may help the police recover your stolen items. It is very hard to recover a “gold ring” without any other description. The same holds true for a XBox, a bicycle, or some other property that can be tracked by serial number. If it is not engraved or you do not have the serial number, it will be difficult to recover.

ReportItThe Marion Police Department utilizes Leads Online for some investigations. Leads Online also offers an online tool called Report It to help catalog your valuables. This tool allows you to add your valuables with all of the pertinent details, including value, serial number, description, and more, and print the list off as a report if your items are stolen. It is important to note that the Marion Police Department nor any other agency has access to any items you add to the website. The police department only has access to anything you make available in the case of burglary or theft.

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